The Raw Power Snare Drum

The "Raw Power" Snare Drum

This drum of course is named after the famous Iggy Popp song. Before dawn this drum was a stunning lacquered beauty.

Toby Dammit wanted snare drums to match each song of the set list. The only one missing was the snare for “Raw Power”.

A lacquered drum of course could not wear the name “Raw”.
Toby had the best idea how to get rid of all lacquer and chrome so that I don t had to sand the whole drum down by hand. He took out a flacon with a greenish looking substance. This was the holy sweat of Iggy Popp himself that Toby had collected in 10 years from stage towels.
The sweat took off the entire chrome and lacquering of the drum in a minute.
A nightmare in smell but a dream of a drum, isn’t it?