The Masshoff ”DAKOTA DC 3“ Kit

The Masshoff Dakota DC 3 kit was made for for Jazz Master Torsten Zwingenberger.

Torsten is such a big fan of the famous DC 3 aircraft that he wanted me to capture the spirit of the plane and traveling in his new dream kit. The stunning handmade drum kit surpassed Torsten`s expectations by far – this is the highest achievement for any manufacturer.

The making time of the kit were roundabout 300 hours of handwork. It´s made out of 1,2 mm special shaped and hand welded stainless steel shells that are plated with 8 layers of copper and various coloured patina. It is then sanded and polished to this finish. Around the kit are various original parts from a 1940 Douglas DC3 like a gold plated cockpit tachometer on top of the bass drum or the original aircraft data plate. 

On top of the bass drum sits a gold plated die cast model of the Dakota plane that turns around while you play. 

Each drum has a different 74K gold inlay continent and copper structured continents around it. Every drum bares a DC3 airplane decal. 8 layers of copper with different coloured patina were hand sanded and polished to create this phantastic antique finish. Sizes are: 22×14,13×9,14×14,16×14,14×8.

Nothing beats the sound and feel of those drums! This is why even jazz guys like Torsten Zwingenberger stopped playing his dream vintage gretsch and radio king kits and bought a second kit from me. This is the ultimate instrument – no joke! There never was anything like it when it comes to sound, tone and power.