The "Aloha" Snare Drum

Hi friends, here is a nice 14×5 snare drum called “Aloha”.
This is a “female” drum and my client asked me to do a drum with the things she loves most: Hawaii,beach,ocean,flowers and surfing. Here is what I came up with. The steel flowers are vintage and I found them at the Berlin antique market a while ago. I reworked them and they fit perfectly on that drum. 

All the drums that I make have the background story of my clients. If you know the story behind the drums they always appear different because everything has it s reason.

Everything is done by hand and a drum like this costs me around 30 hours. Researching the given theme can be another 10 hours. Sometimes I have to watch movies, ducumentaries etc. or find interesting antique parts. 

This is all about creating something personal,unique with lasting value that has something to do with you as a human beeing. Drop me a line for your personal instrument- if you have enough of massproducting.