Drum Parts

Handcrafted Drums with Heart & Soul

My goal was to design the perfect snare drum for most live and studio applications. They have many great and special features, which define the sound of those drums, make them easy to tune and great to handle. I can`t produce the drums in high quantities. But I really enjoy each trip a drum takes me during the making. 

It is like making a sculpture. I need time and inspiration to do it. This is what I really love and it doesn`t get more personal than this. The drums I have built up to now are, for example, built in styles reminiscent of a Harley-Davidson, a green Rolls-Royce— Or they may have the whole globe painted on them by hand. But see yourself!

What it takes to build a Masshoff Snare Drum

The Shells

All Masshoff snare drums are made out of a solid die cast steel shell, because I have found that these are the best choice for a powerful, versatile and big sounding snare drum. The shells are really heavy and have a reinforcement ring on the inside. This allows the drum to be extremely powerful and precise at the same time. I also offer wood inlays. These give you all the warmth of a wood drum, but still retaining the power and precision of a steel snare drum. 

4 different sizes: 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7 and 8 inch

The Hoops

The hoops differentiate the sound of a drum more than many drummers think and are one of the most important things shaping the overall sound of your drum!

A die cast hoop will give you a really sharp but powerful drum sound, a flanged hoop will sound more balanced and a beautiful wood hoop will give you a warmer and washier sound and, of course, great claps.

On my snare drums you can choose between all of these!

The Wires

My snare wires are 100% handmade. They are manufactured out of unplated stainless steel welded on brass, exactly the way I want them. They are highly sensitive and have a great quality. 

You can choose 24 or 42 strands. In combination with my patented five- point venting system you will get the best sensitivity possible! 

I also sell the wires separately in my shop if you want to pimp your existing snare drum.

The Lugs

I have always loved vintage drums because of their beautiful looks. And what is probably the best looking vintage lug of all time? The Slingerland beavertail lug from the 1940s. This is a beautiful replica, which you can`t distinguish from its original.


The Strainer

I was always very annoyed when I had a snare drum on which the strainer was broken after a really short time or a strainer didn`t work as you would expect. I use great trick strainers so you should never experience such a thing with my drums –and it will work great for ages.


The Pianofelts

I like to isolate all hardware parts off the shell from the out AND inside of the drum. I want to avoid any metal contact on the shell.

This makes the tone rounder sounding with less ringy high frequencies. I am making my own Gaskets with exclusive piano felts or hand selected leather.