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Drumtuning Masterclass Workshop with Udo Masshoff​

The drums “don’t sound”? Often the reflexive grip on the tape follows, the drummer hands over the responsibility to the sound engineer. It doesn’t have to be! In Udo Masshoff’s Drumsound School we look at the “trouble spot” drums, how to approach the topic of voices, what should be considered with heads and which drum sizes are recommended for which sound ideas.

This course is an investment in your skills as a drummer! Udo Masshoff will personally tell you his secrets and tricks for a great drum sound. Then you’ll be able to tune your drums the way you want and create drum sounds for any musical genre at any time – and relatively independent of the drum set.

You’ll even get a good sound out of a cheap set with his method.

Target group:

The course is aimed at drummers of all levels (beginners to professionals), drum teachers, sound engineers and producers.

All questions will be answered in the workshop. No matter if your focus is on live or recording (or both).

Theoretical Basics of Drum Physics and Acoustics
The connections for a horny drum sound
New ways and approaches to drum sound through innovative fur and material combinations
The Masshoff tuning method for bassdrum, snare and toms with which you can tune every drum perfectly in less than 60 seconds.
Studio and Live Applications
Speedtuning and Life Hacks
Answering questions such as

Why doesn’t my set sound the way it should or I want it or how it works for the song?
How do you get a modern rock sound à la Dave Grohl?
How does a snare sound most like AC/DC or Red Hot Chilli Peppers?
Which sound fits Metal, which to Jazz and which to Reggae?

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