Masshoff Drums

Handmade Drums mit den besten Zutaten auf dem Markt

Wer mit Leidenschaft Musik macht, hat auch ein Instrument verdient, das mit Liebe gebaut wurde. Masshoff Drums werden aus den edelsten Materialien und mit größter Liebe zum Detail gefertigt.

Udo Masshoff entwirft, entwickelt und fertigt jede seiner Trommeln selbst, damit sie den höchsten Anforderungen entspricht. Unsere Drums sind nur in ausgewählten Musikgeschäften und in unserem eigenen Online-Shop erhältlich.

“What I really love
at Masshoff Drums is
that you can feel it
in your body!”

Carlo Caduff

“I love the Masshoff Drums
because they are
extremely flexible”

Earl Harvin

Personalized Snares [configurator]

Art.-Nr. 00023
1 999 €

Need advice? Just call Udo Masshoff or send an email:

+49 (0) 172 21 91 222

You could also name this category "Art on Drums"

This is your personal piece of art matching to your soul. Nobody else needs to understand the drum.

It is all about your passion as a human being, things you love that Udo is trying to capture in your drum´s finish. This can be done with any material or engravings, paintings, pictures or whatever inspires him to work with. Sometimes drums can take up to 40 hours of working time. A good custom builder realizes the dream of his clients. But the greatest gift to us is to surpass the dream of the client. The client of the Elvis drum called us 4 times the day he got it to tell us how much he loved it. This is what it is about. Instruments that connect and become part of you!

The prices for these drums can be a bit more expensive, if your snare will be very labour intensive. Write us an email with your idea and we will give you a quotation! We are looking forward to build your personal dream snare drum!

As all snares are individually handmade by Udo Masshoff, the delivery time can be between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the order situation. If you are in a hurry, please ask in advance if a faster delivery is possible.

The buyer has to bear the actual shipping costs. Shipping costs outside Germany will be charged separately. The shipping costs shown in our system are estimates only. Please ask before the purchase for the shipping costs to your destination.
Please contact me if you have any questions about my personalized drums:

Phone: +49(0)172 2191222



Da alle Snares von Udo Masshoff einzeln handgefertigt werden, kann die Lieferzeit je nach Auftragslage zwischen 4 und 12 Wochen betragen. Wenns eilig ist, bitte vorher nachfragen ob eine schnellere Lieferung machbar ist.


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